Top 5 fashion colors, if you want to be beautiful, just wear them like this

From Tranquil Blue and Crystal Powder, which were popular in 2016, to Dream Ultraviolet, which was popular in 2018, and Live Coral Orange, which is popular this year. It seems that we all need to seek inner peace and joy from color. Extending to the next year, the year after next, or even the future beyond, the great changes in the world are reflected in clothing, furniture design and other aspects, which also determine that our choice of fashion starts from “like” to “need”.

If you love fashion, you must master the most popular color trends to make life colorful. Here’s how to wear Top 5 fashion colors from this summer to next spring and summer.

Top 1: Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow is mature, unlike the tender yellow when it is warm and cold. Its maturity is rich, soft and bright but not very eye-catching. When applied to silk pieces, it is also soft and gorgeous, giving people a sense of self-restraint and freshness. Choose the Mellow Yellow color on the clothes you usually wear, and ordinary days can shine. It can make all ordinary pieces special.

Top 2: Cantaloupe

The fragrant and sweet fruit fragrance is the greatest happiness in summer. The Cantaloupe with colorful happiness and light vitality can double its vitality? In the absence of warm colors, there is a little honeydew orange decoration, and the whole space atmosphere can be softened. Similarly, people who wear Cantaloupe in rough life are more likely to feel happy.

The sweet Cantaloupe is the most beautiful match with silk, which can perfectly dissolve the mature high cold of silk, and inject soft and sunshine. It is more suitable for creating fashionable and young style.

Cantaloupe can show extraordinary skin lining function whether it is in the same tone or matched with colorless system. Yellowish skin will look healthier. With lipstick and the same color makeup, the whole person will look more energetic.

Top 3: Cassis

In terms of nobility, it must be purple. It may be that things are rare. In an age when color is not durable and dyeing technology needs to be improved, purple is regarded as a symbol of eternity. In ancient Europe, wearing purple was a higher privilege than wearing gold. Until modern times, princes and nobles still loved purple.

From deep and rich black currants to lilac purple, the queen and princess are wearing them. As a symbol of power, purple is the color everyone fears. In the field of fashion, purple is strange and unconventional. When we see people wearing purple, we often give them a different look. However, its fashion status cannot be denied. Purple has always been the color loved by big brands. The purple in the blockbuster shows the cool side of fashion. The black currant purple flows on the gorgeous fabric to show its dignity, which is as ethereal as fog, and there is no doubt that it is real and superior.

Kate Spade、Cushnie

On the plush fabric in autumn and winter, purple is better to control ▼

In summer, it is recommended to choose light lilac ▼

From the left: Nadya Dzyak, Kate Spade, Temperley London

Purple is implicit, combining sensibility and wisdom, emotion and reason, as well as love and giving up.

In India, purple also symbolizes reincarnation. People who choose purple are somewhat deep in heart.

Top 4: Neo Mint

The colors in summer are full of vitality, ranging from the yellow and green of plush to the mature green after the spring breeze. Reflected in the city color is the color of the season.

In the hot summer, nothing can heal people better than the refreshing mint green. Green skirts, shirts and bags are the most popular colors in summer.

The light mint green is not picky about the skin color, and it has little to do with the dark and yellow skin color. As long as the mint green is not close to the face in large areas. And learn to use white, gray, light khaki and other transitional colors to change the color proportion of mint green.

Top 5: Purist Blue

On the holiday after rain, I looked up in the sky with white clouds in the lazy afternoon. My heart was open, my eyes were clear, and my body and mind were relaxed and happy. The world is clear blue. The tone of mood is relieved from the heat and depression, and you can change into a light, thin and cool skirt, and wait for your friends to open the summer rhythm.

The Purist Blue color is more crisp when used on shirts. It is also naturally harmonious with white and mint green. In the scene of blooming flowers, the indifferent clear blue looks like the wind blowing from nature. It makes everything clearer. Purist Blue can be used on denim shirts and cotton and linen half skirts to match a subtle summer beauty.

The Purist Blue dress is not a regular dress color, but it also shows its uniqueness. It is indifferent and low-key, but it calms down the noise in silence. It makes people feel its hidden power without making public.

In summary, whether it is the richness of color, warmth or coldness, or the high-level mystery without color, when we use different colors of clothing to express, to achieve a certain goal. Color and we have achieved each other.

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