Kuzma talks about the top 5 in NBA fashion

According to media reports, Kuzma participated in Drummond Green’s podcast program. During the program, Green asked Kuzma about the NBA fashion Top 5 in his mind, and Kuzma also gave his own answer.

These five people are Jordan Clarkson, Frank Jackson, Devon Booker, Chris Paul and Jay Green. It is worth mentioning that in the list, Dream Chasing requires that Kuzma cannot include himself, because Dream Chasing believes that Kuzma will definitely rank himself first.

However, Kuzma did not include Wei Shao in this list, and the fans also joked that “Wei Shao should be sad”. After all, as the first male in the NBA, Wei Shao often appears in an exaggerated style.

In this list, Clarkson is undoubtedly one of the trendy men, as well as a handsome football star like Booker. However, Kuzma has also won the hearts of many female fans with his face value.

In addition, in the program, Kuzma also talked about his goal: “Of course I want to be an All Star, I need this honor, which is 100% certain. I already have the ring of the championship, if I can enter the All Star, how would you evaluate me? Do you think I’m talking big? Don’t let me enter the All Star Game, I will tell you now”.

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