5 Best Senior Dating Sites

The dating market has never been exclusive to young people, and the emotional needs of middle-aged and elderly people and their desire for partners should also be valued. Many middle-aged and elderly people who are divorced or widowed, when they were young, paid all for their lives and children, but their emotions were temporarily suppressed but did not disappear. After middle age, facing the surging emotional needs, they need to find appropriate channels to find the other half of their life together. Therefore, the market for dating middle-aged and elderly people came into being.

Many elderly people worry that online dating is too virtual and not real. In fact, the Internet has become a part of life. Online dating is more convenient than offline dating. Next, we recommend five trusted elderly dating platforms to enable middle-aged and elderly people to quickly match up with suitable partners in all aspects.

Dating Sites For Older Men 2022 – Top 5 | Best of The Lots:

RankDating SiteMonthly VisitorsGender RatioExpert Rating
1Eharmony4.1 Million+M: 48% | F: 52%★★★★★4.8/5
2EliteSingles2 Million+M: 44% | F: 56%★★★★★4.8/5
3Match39.7 Million+M: 49% | F: 51%★★★★★4.7/5
4SilverSingles800,000+M: 41% | F: 59%★★★★★4.7/5
5OurTime.com8.9 Million+M: 48% | F: 52%★★★★★4.6/5

#1 Eharmony

Eharmony has a dedicated user base that falls into the elderly population, making it one of the prime older men dating sites when it comes to overall numbers and usability.

To be fair, the only lengthy and somewhat tiring process of the entire services lies within the sign-up process which will include the famous “personality test” which will be used for matching you with members who fit your psychological profile, which can take from 5 to 20 minutes, based on your completion speed. It sports a psychology test-based algorithm that holds more than 100 questions which will determine how compatible a select number of people (who will be paired to you, respectively) are compared to you, with daily matches included to help allow you to meet new people daily.


  • Excellent security protocols implemented.
  • Enables full-on video communication.
  • Excellent platform stability.
  • Many within the large user base have connected and the site has stood the test of time nicely.
  • Prioritizes personal compatibility.


  • Quite pricey, especially for the service rendered.
  • Entirely subscription-based without the chance of canceling.
  • You can only respond to messages of paying members or those special “perfect” matches.
  • You are limited in your selection of potential mates by what you are provided by the algorithm.

#2 Elite Singles

Being a single senior in your 70s is no easy thing. You can grapple with loneliness and confidence issues, but you shouldn’t have to worry about being on a legit dating site. Elite Singles is a trustworthy resource guaranteed to support singles who are in their golden years. On Elite Singles, senior men and women have no trouble getting as specific as they want about their dating preferences and relationships needs — and the matching system can see to it that they have those needs met. This elite single network can spark a romantic relationship by focusing on individual preferences and dating profiles.

If you’re a retired person with high dating standards, we recommend using Elite Singles, which was designed for the cream of the dating world, to make a match that could lead to a valuable life-long partnership.


  • Conveniently easy to use and navigate.
  • In-depth personality test with dual benefits. It helps not just to find a compatible match but understand your personality better.
  • These personality test reports are absolutely FREE and you can get that without a premium membership.
  • Similar answers and interests are highlighted in the prospective profiles, which help you access compatibility on your own.
  • The site maintains the highest level of safety and security to filter out scammers.
  • Experts are available 24/7 to answer all your queries and take care of issues.


  • Only premium members can view profile pictures.
  • Personality questions can be a little confusing and misleading.
  • It’s not the ideal place for a casual relationship or hook-ups.
  • Most of the exciting features are reserved for paid members.

#3 Match

Match has 25% that are under 30, 48.6% are within the ages of 30-49 and 26.5% are constituted of the ages of 50+ (the fastest-growing group consists of members who are over 50). All of this gives us pretty good pointers towards the potential expectations that are more in favor of the older population, further solidifying the position of match.com as a great older men and woman dating site.

Since the user base is more serious here than on most other dating sites it comes as no surprise that about 40% of the matches that do come to life and meet up commit to a serious relationship. It relies on a matching system (just as the name of the services implies) and gives its members 7 matches automatically. This feature can be further enriched with a subscription that adds many features such as being able to see who has winked or liked your profile, messages in your inbox, etc..


  • A wide range of events increase the likelihood of users connecting.
  • One of the largest user bases within the dating industry.
  • There is an active developing environment that focuses on increasing user-satisfaction.
  • It is ideal for the senior audience.
  • Wide range of features and opportunities.
  • Flexible membership plans.
  • A lot of room for presenting yourself on your profile.


  • Paid membership plans are required for the core functionality, such as messaging, to be unlocked.

#4 SilverSingles

SilverSingles is open to everyone but the service markets itself towards the senior population. It’s proclaimed to be one of the top “old man dating sites” . The largest number of people you find here will be over 50 yet it is not uncommon to find those who are under 30 finding their place within the website. Geared towards the audience exclusively within the USA, as well as an international component, Silver Singles aced the test of time by providing fruitful relationships among its user base with numbers scoring over 2000 real-life connections a month.


  • A huge user base which is mainly consisted of singles who are 50 and above.
  • Your photos will only be seen by those who pay for their membership.
  • The main driving point for connection is based on compatible personalities.
  • You are given a detailed test upon finishing your registration that will help in finding your ideal mate.
  • Simple and clutter-free app.
  • Unlimited communication for paid members.
  • Affordable paid plans.
  • Includes a 3- day cancelation option which will refund you in case you opt-out of a subscription plan.


  • Most of the “good stuff” such as viewing photos, communication, seeing all the details, and receiving wildcard matches are strictly within the confines of the paid membership plan.

#5 OurTime.com

The “beau monde” of OurTime’s user base hails mainly from the United Kingdom and goes around the age of 50+. This has been an underlying reason as to the success of OurTime to manifest and present itself as an exclusive for older men dating site as it favors them in terms of percentage but also leaves ample room for women as well.

OurTime is actively marketed towards the senior population and takes many steps forward with the intent to ensure that their stay on the website is pleasing and fulfilling. Specialized in providing excellence to the older generations, it has been consistent in being fantastically suited for those who are both interested in dating or simply meeting someone new.


  • A large and dedicated user base.
  • There are very few fake profiles as most people who use this platform are among the senior population.
  • OurTime has a very friendly community.
  • Geared towards seniors.
  • Offers a variety of modern dating features.
  • You get a selection of carefully picked matches that are very likely to be compatible with you.


  • While there are many great features you can take advantage of, they do require add-on purchases.
  • Before others can see your profile, you are required to upload at least one picture.
  • OurTime can be difficult for people unfamiliar with dating services to navigate and use the platform.

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